Green Housing: Net-Zero Energy Homes



Net-zero energy homes capitalize on the power and utility of renewable solar energy. Equipped with solar panels and efficient heating, cooling and electrical mechanisms, NZE homes are thoughtfully designed and built to reduce household energy needs to a minimum. 

If done correctly, these futuristic green homes can produce as much energy as their residents consume on a yearly basis1. A home that runs on solar power can also be connected to the electricity grid so that it can supply electricity to the grid when it is producing more than it needs, and draw from the grid when household demands exceed the amount of electricity produced on site. Taken over the year, the energy supplied to the grid balances the energy drawn from the grid; which work out to a net- zero annual energy consumption2.

Net Zero homes have been around for many years, but are slowly gaining popularity as materials and technology become more affordable. Ontario homeowners taking advantage of solar energy can also save money through Net-Metering, which allows consumers to send any excess electricity they generate from renewable resources to a distribution system for a credit toward their energy costs3.

New homes can be positioned to maximize the amount of sun they capture, but older homes can also be renovated to become NZE homes.

While the home location, design and technology can go a long way toward helping a household reach NZE consumption, residents must still be conscious about energy use. Even a house equipped with the latest technologies won’t reach NZE performance if residents don’t pay attention to how they use energy4.

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